Introduction of SMA

The Sarawak Manufacturers' Association (SMA) is an independent organisation established on 20th February 1963 in Kuching under the Societies Act, 1966.

SMA members are drawn from all categories of manufacturing industries including Battery Manufacturing, Tyre Retreading, Cable, Electronic, Electrical Appliance, Sawmilling, Carpentry, Food, Beverage, Mechanical, Metal Industry, Paper Products, Printing, Paint, Plastic Products, Tile, Brick, Pottery, Roofing, Cement, Concrete Masonry, Transport Equipment etc. from Kuching, Samarahan, Sibu, Miri, Bintulu and Serian divisions. The SMA has 200 member manufacturers which represent a combined investment of about RM2,000 million employing some 60,000 workforces. The SMA is the largest representative body of manufacturing companies in Sarawak.

The Objectives of SMA (Revised 1999)

  1. to promote, preserve and protect the interests of manufacturers in Sarawak.
  2. to encourage co-operation among manufacturers, between manufacturers and the government, and between manufacturers and other business sectors.
  3. to co-operate with and present to the authorities the views of its members on legislation, existing or proposed, that may affect the interest and standing of manufacturers in Sarawak.
  4. to promote the marketing of Sarawak-made products and services at home and abroad.
  5. to provide a focal point for manufacturers to meet, discuss and solve common problems.
  6. to promote productivity and technological upgrading of the manufacturing industry.
  7. to purchase and exchange books, newspapers, periodicals and other publications for reference purposes.
  8. to print, issue and disseminate information that will be useful and educational to manufacturers with prior approval of the relevant authorities.
  9. to work and co-operate whenever desirable to affiliate with other organizations both nationally and internationally devoted to the same or similar objects as the SMA.
  10. to organize and participate in congresses, conference, seminars and other meetings at local, national, regional and international levels.


  1. PRESIDENT: Mr. Joseph Lau Ka Hoo (Trans Paint Coatings Sdn Bhd)
  2. VICE-PRESIDENT: Mr. Sim Cho Pong (Pico Food Industry Sdn Bhd)
  3. VICE-PRESIDENT: Mr. Peter Chai Mui Seng (Hornbill Paints Sdn Bhd)
  4. SECRETARY-GENERAL: Mr. Stephen Hii Hium Ung (Kayusar Sdn Bhd)
  5. DEPUTY SECRETARY-GENERAL: Mr. Stephen Ang Teck Chai (Kim Hin Industry Berhad)
  6. TREASURER: Mr. Tie Tung Wei (Kohup Industries Sdn Bhd)
  7. ASSISTANT TREASURER: Mr. Stephen Ung Yuk Woo (Sin Cheong Plastic & Metal Wares Mfg Co Sdn Bhd)
  8. COUNCIL MEMBER: Dato’ Sri Victor Hii Lu Thian (ASTEEL Sdn Bhd)
  9. COUNCIL MEMBER: Madam Rita Ting Leng Ping (Sundrop Fruit Juices Sdn Bhd)
  10. COUNCIL MEMBER: Tuan Haji Zaidi Ahmad (Super Glory Industries Sdn Bhd)
  11. COUNCIL MEMBER: Mr. Chai Tze Kang (SCIB Concrete Manufacturing Sdn Bhd)
  12. COUNCIL MEMBER: Mr. Tien Siong Hee (Cinle Concrete Products Industries Sdn Bhd)
  13. COUNCIL MEMBER: Mr. Raymond Tien Loy Bong (Roadtac Technology Sdn Bhd)
  14. COUNCIL MEMBER: Madam Rebecca Sim Kin Hui (Polyflow Pipes Sdn Bhd)
  15. COUNCIL MEMBER: Mr. Thomas Wong Ing Siu (Poh Yong Tiles Industries Sdn Bhd)
  16. COUNCIL MEMBER: Mr. Lau Tiong Ing (Skill Offset Printers Sdn Bhd)
  17. COUNCIL MEMBER (Appointed): Madam Mariana Ung Siew Chin (Syarikat Kion Hoong Cooking Oil Mills Sdn Bhd)
  18. COUNCIL MEMBER (Appointed): Mr. Allen Chong Tzek Nen (Hwa Khoon Plastic Industries) Sdn Bhd)
  19. COUNCIL MEMBER (Appointed): Mr. Chieng Yeu Song (Shunto Steel Industries Sdn Bhd)
2nd Floor, Sublot A-2476, Fortuneland Business Centre, 2 ½ Mile, Rock Road, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
T: +6082-244682

F: +6082-248923